When was the first ufo sighting?



What are UFOs?

Most of the people say hat UFOs are unidentified flying objects mean that it must be a flying alien spaceship. But its real meaning is that it is aerial phenomena, what cant be identified. There a lot of UFO sighthings from all over the globe, and were recorded in some cases in history as well. Not only people think that alien space ships have landed on earth, but it was a great inspiration of several movies and books what only made people more curious about what these flying saucers could be.

The very first ufo sighting was taken place near Mount Rainier in 1947 by a business man called Kenneth Arnold, who said he saw a group of UFOs flying in the air. There were 9 unindentified space craft in the air, and they were fast. When papers hear the news, they unfortunately misheard Arnolds words, because he said they were so fast like suacers skipping on the water, but the newspaper hear that they were shaped as a saucer. That is where the famous objectification came from, and that is why you see a saucer in movies.

Once the reported sightings of these UFOs started increasing in 1948, the U.S. Military began an investigation about these cases. People think that these were nothing but stolen russian military aircrafts. But that was debunked as soon as the Soviet army reported that they did not have incidents like this.

There a lot of people claiming to be abducted by aliens, and reporting that they have done several medical eximinations on them. Is it true or not, we don’t know yet, because these things were never filmed, or had any proof to show. Scientist say that most of these people were dreaming, or have mental issues, but who knows? Maybe the are telling the truth!

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