About UFO Sighting’s in General


Since organisations started keeping records in the 1950s, UFO sightings have already been growing each year in the United States and globally. It isn’t known whether this increase in sightings is due to there being more unidentified flying objects in our skies or instead of a heightened technology for people to have the ability to report ufo sightings. Maybe it’s a mixture of both.

With the arrival of the world wide web, tracking has improved because with a tap of a button everyone can report a UFO online. But much more precious is the truth that the web has enabled tens of tens of thousands to post reports, images and videos. This abundance of info supplies UFO investigators and enthusiasts with the capability to research, compare and add to our knowledge database, which furthers the scientific study of UFOs.

A current example of how technology has empowered advice from various areas of the planet and to shed light on likenesses of the UFO phenomenon are available in comparing reports of 2 distinct sightings of a ring in the heavens.

Fort Belvior, Virginia

The primary sighting was produced in 1953 at Fort Belvior, Virginia. Fifteen witnesses at a U.S. Army military facility seen a totally symmetrical ring or circle in the heavens, which was going rapidly. The military’s explanation was that the circle was a smoke ring from an atomic bomb simulation.

Doswell, Virginia

The 2nd ring in the heavens sighting was in 2009 at King’s Dominion Amusement Park in Doswell, Virginia. Same features as the 1953 ufo sightings, however, this unique ring hovered in the skies over the park. The amusement park declared that the smoke ring was brought on by one of their rides; yet, innumerable individuals watched the item and were certain it was something not of this world.


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