Possible Nuclear Leak Found At Hanford Nuclear Site

Possible Nuclear Leak Found At Hanford Nuclear Site

Possible Leak At Hanford Nuclear Waste Plant Following Radioactive Material Discovery On Clothing Of Workers

A video was published last week stating that there may have been a possible leak of radiation at the Hanford nuclear waste site in Washington State but many claimed it to be false. Now, however, there has been another report from CNN about a possible leak and people are finally starting to sit up and listen.

Leak Said To Have Occurred Following Tunnel Collapse

The authorities at the Hanford nuclear waste site in Washington are now looking into what may have been a leak after radioactive material was found on the clothing of workers. The discovery was said to have occurred early last week with the collapse of a site tunnel, which sparked suggestions that there may be radiation exposure.

A contractor, Washington River Protection Solutions, had been working at the site and detected high radiation readings on Thursday on a robotic device with the name of the crawler, which workers at the site pulled out of the nuclear waste tank. The contamination was said to have been found on the clothes of workers.

WRPS Conducted Decontamination Procedures, Clearing Workers

A spokesperson for WRPS said that established decontamination procedures had been followed and that they involved removing any clothing that had been contaminated. It was said that further surveying of the workers had not shown any more contamination and no other workers were said to have been affected, with all workers having been cleared for normal duty.

There are 800,000 gallons of nuclear waste in the Double-Shell Tank AZ-101 said the Washington Department of Ecology, overlooking the site at Hanford. The plant is situated in the south-central of Washington State, around 45 miles from Yakima. WRPS said that they had used leak-detection instruments and that they had not found any liquid escaping out of the tank.

Workers Made Visual Inspection Via Video

They went on to say that workers had been preparing to make a visual inspection of the site via video. Officials from the state had urged the US Department of Energy to look into the incident so they could determine the site`s safety. Gov. Jay Inslee said that they were not aware of nuclear waste leaking outside of the double-shelled AZ-101 tank; however, they expected the US Department of Energy to investigate immediately and to make a report about the source of contamination.

The Department of Energy revealed a statement that had confirmed the incident saying that workers had been able to go back to normal duty, however, they did not say if the federal officials would be looking into it.

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