Create Horrifying Portraits Of YOUR Drawings With This AI Tool

Create Horrifying Portraits Of YOUR Drawings With This AI Tool

Anyone who has a dark side and wants to tap into that dark side artistically may want to try out a new artificial intelligence tool called Pix2Pix. This is a neural network project that allows anyone to turn a drawing into something of out a nightmare.

The tool comes from NPO, the Dutch Public Broadcaster and with artificial intelligence, the program will turn any drawing of a face, but it does not have to be a face that can be drawn apparently, into what it thinks is a re-creation of Lara Rense, one of the presenters.

Artificial Intelligence Software Predicts The Face

The results look like something that might come out of a nightmare. The artificial intelligence software does make a good attempt at trying to guess where the features such as the hair, ears, eyes, and mouth should be on the drawing that was made, however, it does not always get it right and this result in something that might come from the darkest of nightmares.

Many hundreds of photographs and drawings of Rense were collected by the listeners of NPO and then fed into the AI system. When using the tool it tries its best to match any attempts of the drawings to Rense and the results are some interesting and sometimes grotesque watercolor type paintings.

AI Software Is Similar To Tensorflow From Google

Earlier this year an artificial intelligence system was developed with the name of edges2cats and this was based around the open source machine learning project of Google called Tensorflow. The developer of that project was Christopher Hesse. This project too gave results that were just as frightening as the results of the Pix2Pix artificial intelligence software.

When visiting the Pix2Pix website there is a tool which shows how the software is supposed to work. The drawing of Rense may have been drawn by a professional artist as it is good and far from what the average person might be able to come up with.

Drawing a simple and somewhat childish outline of a face with ears, eyes in the middle, rough U-shaped nose, and a larger broader U shape for a mouth led to a horrifying result, similar to that of a money with its eyes being gouged out, definitely something out of one of the worst nightmares that would have a person waking up in a cold sweat. However, if nothing else the website and the tool can be addictive and it is fast to render the picture.

You can try out Pix2Pix here

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