Kepler Discovered More Alien Worlds! Announcement On Monday

Kepler Discovered More Alien Worlds! Announcement On Monday

NASA has indicated that they will be doing a briefing on June 19th . The Kepler Science Conference will be available to watch online from their official NASA website:

What is expected to be covered is not 100% known, however, there are some expectations for some fascinating news to be revealed. Some of the world’s most intelligent scientists will collaborate and discuss the future ideas and events that will be taking place.

One of them involves the search for exoplanets. NASA has apparently been searching for these exoplanets for nearly a decade now. Kepler is able to locate these planets to see if they exist through observing stars that pass by throughout. If a light is able to be seen in a dim manner, then it is believed a planet more than likely is present. If that dim light is spotted more than one time, then there is a likelihood that there is some planetary orbiting taking place. The point of looking for these exoplanets is to see whether any of them are potentially able to be inhabitable. This would then create considerations to see whether there is life that exists on other planets. Kepler also sees whether any form of liquid water exist on those planets, which is typically a good measure of whether something can exist or live on the planet. There is not much more that is known about what will be covered.

The meeting is expected to be a fascinating and interesting one. Given NASA’s history, this probably won’t be a conference that has them admitting that aliens may exist, however, it allows for others interested in the topic to make those claims. It will be interesting to see these exoplanets that apparently are in a large abundance per NASA. This could be a huge breakthrough in the science world and could lead to finally answering one of the world’s biggest question regarding whether there is life outside of planet Earth.

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