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UFO Exhibit opens today at Michigan Space Center
Jackson Citizen Patriot August 09, 2003

UFOexhibit opens today at Michigan Space Center July 28, 2003

No MUFON Endorsement For Oliveira Case July 27, 2003

UFO Lights Caught on Film
BBC News July 23, 2003

Is anybody out there? July 14, 2003

Avoyelles Parish Man’s Disappearance Still a Mystery after 50 Years
Jackson Citizen Patriot July 20, 2003

Radio Flyers July 10, 2003

Abducted by Aliens
Pravda: Russian News Agency July 03, 2003

Is FOX News Watch Suppressing UFO Disclosure Efforts Through Media Intimidation? June 30, 2003

UFO Drives Russian Fisherman to Drink June 24, 2003

‘Flying Saucer’ Crashes in Saudi Arabia
Hi Pakistan June 26, 2003

UFO Drives Russian Fisherman to Drink June 24, 2003

Sci Fi Channel Puts Its Money Behind UFO Investigations
Kansas City Star June 24, 2003

Is There Anybody There… County in Grip of UFO Flap June 13, 2003

Object Seen Floating Outside ISS is Likely Tag
WKMG TV6 Central Florida June 13, 2003

UFO Falls in Jizan Region of Saudi Arabia June 09, 2003

Now the US Wants Control of Space June 08, 2003

UFO Center Turns Off the Lights
Aftenposten: Norwegian News Agency June 06, 2003

Making a Wormhole Just Got Easier...
Nature June 02, 2003

Cape Town Residents Spot Cigar Shaped UFO May 28, 2003

Poll Shows Asians Believe in Aliens
Borneo Bulletin May 23, 2003

UFO in Baku Again
Baku Today May 21, 2003

Scientists Work Out Why We Haven’t Heard from the Aliens
The Western Mail, Wales UK May 08, 2003

Strange Memphis UFO Case Still Unsolved
WREG TV3 Memphis, TN April 30, 2003

Essex: UFO Sighting in County Skies April 24, 2003

Deborah Lindemann C.H.T. Interviews William Buhlman on Alien Abductions & OBE’s March, 2003

SETI@home Returns to the Scenes of its Most Promising Candidates!
The Planetary Society March 10, 2003

Why UFOs are Debunked by the Media
Whitley Strieber’s Unknown Country March 09, 2003

Police Close Encounters Revealed
BBC News World Edition March 08, 2003

Cordell Hull Saw Aliens in Glass Containers

19 ‘Close Encounters’ In Fife Being Probed
Evening Telegraph March 07, 2003

UFO Programme ‘Panic’ Gripped Ministry
BBC News World Edition March 06, 2003

21 Percent of Humans Victims of E.T. Abductions? March 06, 2003

UCD Professor Hopes to Erase the Stigma of Transcendent Experiences
The California Aggie March 06, 2003

N.H. Case Called ‘Flagship’ in UFO Abduction Annals
Portsmouth Herald March 02, 2003

FBI Says Airplane Doing Surveillance
Herald Times February 28, 2003

Pioneer 10 Spacecraft Sends Last Signal February 26, 2003

UFO Spotted During Morning Rush-Hour
Inside Scotland February 19, 2003

‘Double whammy’ Created the Moon
BBC News Online February 19, 2003

Bush Backs Alien Evidence February 03, 2003

‘Shocking’ Discovery Boosts Chance of Life on Europa February 03, 2003

Is Hussein Owner of Crashed UFO?
Pravda: Russian News Agency January 31, 2003

Wisconsin Reports 10 UFOs In January January 31, 2003

Teleportation Takes Another Step
The Discovery Channel January 31, 2003

Is This Really an Alien Craft? January 16, 2003

Mission: Identify Those Flying Objects
The Sacramento Bee January 14, 2003

What Does ET Look Like from 40 Light Years Away?
Astrobiology Magazine January 13, 2003

Another UFO Captured by Video both at Night and in Daylight (Turkey) January 08, 2002

UFO Captured by Video both at Night and in Daylight (Turkey) May 12, 2002

Children of Witness to Alleged Alien Invasion Defend Father’s 1955 Claim
Kentucky New Era December 30, 2002

Scientists Find Evidence of Life in Space
United Press International December 17, 2002

Welcome to the UFO Bar
Whitley Strieber’s Unknown Country December 17, 2002

UFOs and the Governments of the USA and UK

Black Hole to Swallow Planet Earth
Pravda: Russian News Agency December 02, 2002

Alien Intelligence Depends on Time Needed to Grow Brains December 02, 2002

Swede Offers UFO Explanation
Aftenposten: Norwegian News Agency December 02, 2002

UFO Spotted Over Asker
Aftenposten: Norwegian News Agency November 28, 2002

Flying Cities Aren’t Fantasy
Pravda: Russian News Agency November 16, 2002

Day Will Come When We Say Hello to Aliens November 12, 2002

UFOs Down Planes
Pravda: Russian News Agency November 11, 2002

Freedom of Information Act: FBI UFO Files

Bush Says UFO Promise Still On November 5, 2002

UFO group: Truth Will Land in 2003
The Charlotte Observer November 4, 2002

Clinton Aide Slams Pentagon’s UFO Secrecy
CNN Tuesday October 22, 2002

When ET Phones Home KSC Public Affairs May Answer September 27, 2002

Delaware Farmer Spots Triangle UFO in 1905?

Alien Armada!
Washington Post Sunday, July 21, 2002;