4 Month Old Basic Income Experiment In Finland Lowers Stress Levels Already

4 Month Old Basic Income Experiment In Finland Lowers Stress Levels Already

Just four months following the launch of two year experiment by Kela, a social security institution in Finland, the stress levels of 2,000 people taking part are said to be lower. The experiment is one in basic income, a system where wealth is distributed and people are given a salary simply for being alive.

$600 Basic Income Salary Per Month Reduces Anxiety Levels

People receive $600 a month and while this may not sound to be a great deal of money, it seems that it is enough to reduce the anxiety of a lot of people according to the head of the legal benefits unit at Kela.

Marjukka Turunen said that there was one lady who would say that she was afraid each time the telephone rang. She was scared that the unemployment services would be calling her to offer her a job. He said that the women looked after her parents and so she wasn’t able to work.

Basic Income Could Be Best Solution To Poverty

A basic income is one of the foremost solutions to poverty he said. Advocates have said that the system gives the poor people just what they are lacking, money. It means that they have the money to be able to fix a roof that leaks buy a vehicle so they can travel to work or allows them to save money for emergencies. He said that it is not enough for people to live on but that it helps to stop people from slipping through the cracks.

A basic income advocate, Scott Santens, said that with financial security there are additional benefits. Santens has received a basic income over the past few years from Patreon, the crowdfunding site. He went on to say that basic income re-distributes some power to the middle class people, for instance, to be able to have the luxury of turning down jobs that are unappealing to them, it is also said to help promote trust.

He went on to say that basic income says that all people should have a minimum amount of trust, due to the way in which pieces of paper are currently used to measure along with distributing trust and this is flawed without it. He went on to give an example of supermarket shelves being filled with food but there are millions of people who remain hungry due to them not being able to access it.

The program in Finland is a modified version of basic income and many advocates have claimed that the system has to be unconditional. People in Finland need to have been unemployed when applying to receive benefits in 2016. But if they got a job after they applied or if they applied after the experiment had already started, they will receive the $600 each month.

Full Results Of Trial Expected At End Of 2018

Kela is not going to offer up any formal data about the effectiveness of the trial until 2018. Those taking part who have spoken out to the media are said not to represent the whole pool of the recipients. The results need to be analyzed very carefully based on the information that is coming out at the end of next year.

Marjukka Turunen does have high hopes for the trial as there have been similar experiments in Kenya and other regions and they have revealed that basic income works on a small scale, data over the long-term, however, does not exist. She revealed that some of the people might choose to remain sitting on their couches, while others might choose to go to work.

One thing is for sure those who have chosen to be couch potatoes are among some of the most relaxed people in Finland and possibly the world.

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This Man Predicted Putins Role In Stopping World War III 80 Years Ago

This Man Predicted Putins Role In Stopping World War III 80 Years Ago

Edgar Cayce was called the sleeping prophet and he was one of the most admired and respected psychics. He was also said to be the father of holistic medicine and was known for going into trance-like states and tapping into the divine consciousness along with offering predictions and insights that were unparalleled.

Could Putin Be Key To Avoiding World War III?

One person playing a central role among the world nations while tensions mount is President Vladimir Putin, but could he possibly be the one who will stop World War III from happening?

A lot of the psychic readings of Cayce were during the early part of the 20th century and went through two world wars along with the Great Depression. Before he died in 1947 many of the things that he had predicted had come true, including the 1929 stock market crash and events that had related to both of the World Wars. He even warned about the deaths of two of the presidents of the US.

Cayce made many statements about finance of the world, leadership, and the role that Russia would play in the global turmoil that is happening today. So did he predict Putin would stop another war from happening more than 80 years ago?

Cayce described a future when the crises of the world would hang on finance and he said that Russia was going to be a thorn in the side of financial powers that were going to organize themselves against the good of humanity.

The present day is now on the edge of a knife and in 2013 the US tried to invade Syria under false pretenses and Putin was the one who prevented involvement by the US as he threatened military intervention in a conflict that at that time had not developed into the conditions that are seen today.

Russia, under the guidance of Putin, emerged as a single force that was capable of checking the baking global advance of cabal and refuses to let Ukraine along with

The World Is Balancing Between World War III

Crimea falls under the hands of forces backed by the West. The world is now balancing between the chance of World War III escalating and a very distant hope that the leaders of the world will find sanity and de-escalate the present situation.

Cayce had talked about the role of Russia as being the hope of the world when he said that in Russia there comes hope for the world. He said that the principle had been born and that it would take many years for it to be crystallized, however, out of Russia would come hope.

Will Russia Evolve Spiritually?

Even well before WWII Cayce foretold the need for Russia to evolve spiritually so that it would rise in opposition to the decaying moral values held by the West and play a big role in the great hope of the world. He said that much needed spiritual leadership was going to come from Russia and people would not see the guaranteed destruction of World War III.

So it looks like Cayce predicted Russia would see common sense and be the gap between World War III happening and spiritual leadership. Putin did say when talking about the relationship between the US and Russia at the summit that America must rise above the desire to dominate and stop acting out of imperialistic ambitions. He said that they should not poison the minds of millions of individuals.

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Advanced Aliens Are In ‘Sleep-Mode’ To Skip Crappy Present

Advanced Aliens Are In 'Sleep-Mode' To Skip Crappy Present

The Fermi paradox is one of the most enduring and perplexing mysteries for researchers and amateur alien enthusiasts alike. The paradox states that the universe is a vast space which contains trillions and trillions of planets which are capable of providing a home for alien life, so where are all of the aliens?

There have been dozens of responses to the Fermi paradox since it was first proposed, but now a new team of researchers has come up with one of the most imaginative answers yet. The aliens, they suggest, could be hibernating.

New answer to the Fermi paradox – could alien be hibernating?

A new paper which was co-authored by Anders Sandberg, Stuart Armstrong and Milan Cirkovic argues that an advanced alien race may be waiting for a more efficient time for them to be alive. They believe that an alien race that is far more advanced than civilization on Earth could have moved beyond physical bodies and learned how to upload their thoughts and minds into machines.

This would make processing power for this alien civilization an incredibly precious resource. The current conditions of the universe would make processing power fairly inefficient, they explain. “Right now, the cosmic background radiation makes nearly everything in the universe hotter than 3 Kelvin, but as the Universe expands, this background temperature will decline exponentially, ” they write. When the universe is colder than it is now, processing efficiency will be greatly enhanced. Therefore, the aliens may be waiting for that point so that they can reach maximum efficiency in the future.

The notion that advanced alien beings could have moved beyond physical bodies and instead decided to integrate themselves completely into artificial intelligence is one is gaining traction among experts in this field. According to NASA experts and the research team based at SETI, the search for extra-terrestrial life ought to focus on both artificial intelligence as well as biological signs of life to be fully encompassing.

The new theory has been criticized by other experts in the field for its implausibility. According to the astrophysicist and science fiction expert David Brin, it simply does not make sense that a highly advanced alien race would choose to lose millions of years of advancement of their civilization to wait for a more energy efficient future. Indeed, even the authors of the paper have conceded that their theory is unlikely. They have suggested that it is more likely that an extraterrestrial beings in the universe are simply too far away for us to contact or perhaps that they do not exist at all.

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11-Year-Old Pregneant Girl From Florida Forced To Marry Her Rapist

11-Year-Old Pregneant Girl From Florida Forced To Marry Her Rapist

The family of Sherry Johnson protected members of their church congregation who had raped her when they forced the 11-year old into marrying her rapist.

One Child Under 16 Is Married In Florida Every Few Days

It has been revealed that at the very least one child under the age of 16 years is married in Florida every few days. This is due to the fact that while many would call this underage marriage, in every state in the US it is legal, generally with getting the consent of a parent or of a judge. Twenty-seven states in the US, alarmingly, have no minimum age for getting married.

A woman who was forced into marrying the man who had raped her when she was only 11 years old is now fighting to have this rule changed.

Sherry Johnson Is Fighting To Change Laws After Being Married At Age 10

Sherry Johnson fell pregnant when she was just 10 years of age after being raped and then went on to give birth to a child, while Sherry was merely a child herself. Sherry had been raped by a 20-year-old member of a church in Florida, along with the minister of that church.

The family of Sherry was among the church leaders and they chose, instead of pursuing criminal charges against the minister and man, to marry off their daughter.

She said that her mother had asked her if she wanted to get married and she had told her mother that she did not know what marriage was or to how to be a wife. To that, her mother replied that she was going to get married anyway.

The marriage did not last long, but the psychological harm has remained. It has been suggested that two in three marriages that involve young child brides do not last.

Sherry Johnson had to give up her education in elementary school so that she could raise the child and in total, she went on to give birth to nine children. She remembers her life being terrible. She went on to say that she could not get a job, a car, a license or a lease at that age, so why would someone allow a child that age to get married.

In Ten Years 250,000 Minors Were Married

Between 2000 and 2010 it was said that around 250,000 minors got married in the US. These figures come from the anti-child marriage group with the name of Unchained at Last.

The United States has the highest rate of marriages of children that are underage and many of them have involved women and have been in the states of Arkansas, Idaho, and Kentucky.

The difference in age between those getting married may suggest that there have been violations of the laws regarding statutory rape; however, marriage is one way of making the sexual relationships legal.

Girl Scout Is Old Enough For Marriage, Not Old Enough For Government To Listen To

A girl scout living in New Hampshire, Cassandra Levesque, found out about the laws regarding child marriages and she started to advocate a bill asking for the minimum age in the state to be raised to 18 years old.

David Bates, the state representative said that they were asking the legislature to repeal a law that had been working for more than a century without facing difficulty just on the basis of a Girl Scout project. It seems that Cassandra Levesque is old enough to have sex and be married but not old enough for her government to listen to what she has to say on the matter. The bill was killed by the Republican House.

Chris Christie, the governor of New Jersey, blocked legislation that would have seen the state raising the minimum age of marriage to 18 and Andrew Cuomo is at the moment promoting a bill to try to get the age raised to 17.

Underage Marriage Means Rape On The Wedding Night

People who have defended the right of children to enter into marriage often use religious freedom and state the important of avoiding births of children out of wedlock. However, the reality of getting married underage is often entering into abuse of basic human rights, say those who argue against under marriage and who want the minimum age raised.

The founder of Unchained, Friady Reiss, said that underage marriage means rape on the girls wedding night and a long time after. Underage marriage has repercussions on the life of the young girl that are devastating and puts an end to their childhood on their wedding night. So the big question remains as to why such a thing is still legal in the US?

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Get A Blessing Form The New Robot Priest ‘BlessU-2’

Get A Blessing Form The New Robot Priest 'BlessU-2'

What is exactly is BlessU-2? Meet the robot made to challenge your beliefs. Because of its a priest. Literally. The robot BlessU-2 was created for controversy. As it is said in the Book of Romans: “Those who are in the flesh cannot please God.”

German inventors who created BlessU-2 are certainly taking this to the next level. The robot sputters sacred text and wisdom to his customers, and it even features facial expressions when doing so. BlessU-2, when approached, can provide sermons in different languages that you can choose. One is also able to choose a ‘male’ or ‘female’ voice according to their preferences. BlessU-2 currently resides in Wittenberg, where it still causes controversy.

BlessU-2 will challenge your beliefs

Why exactly would someone actually create a robot priest such as BlessU-2? The robot was actually created in honor of the 500 year anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. BlessU-2 was created with the purpose of challenging the minds of people: Is it really possible to be blessed by a machine, a product of humankind? BlessU-2 is the brainchild of a team led by clergyman Stephan Krebs, from the Protestant Church of Hesse and Nassau.

Although BlessU-2 is the first of its kind, even the creators themselves do not think that priesthood will be disrupted anytime soon. Faith and emotions go together, but robots have an absence of emotions, no matter how advanced they might get. Having real faith means being human. It is something that can never be taken away or manifested in a robotic creation.

While technology advances, this holds true: Our faith belongs to us, no matter what happens. Challenging things might appear to question the faith we have for a religion we hold, but being humans, our faith is ours and no one else’s. It makes us uniquely human, each one of us, because we are made up of the beliefs we hold true, and how we use these beliefs we hold to shape our own lives the way we want it.

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Reptilian Aliens Enslave Humanity In Latest Neil Blomkamp Project

Reptilian Aliens Enslave Humanity In Latest Neil Blomkamp Project

South African director Neill Blomkamp is rapidly developing a reputation for producing outstanding sci-fi movies following the releases of Chappie and District 9, and his latest offering looks to be in the same vein.

The promotional video for Oat Studios Volume 1, a series of experimental short films, is another sci-fi offering and like District 9 before it centers on aliens. The trailer can be seen below:

The video opens with a shot of a dilapidated Eiffel Tower covered in plants, and the following scenes show enslaved humans, reptilian aliens, and battle scenes. The narrator during the trailer says:

“We were once mankind; we were humanity. They came here to exterminate us. The new world altered everyone, adapt or die.”

The short films produced by Oat Studios will essentially be testers for ideas which may eventually be made into full-length movies. Blomkamp already has form in this area, having made a short film version of District 9 before the feature length film was developed.

Oats Studios will not charge for movies in the conventional sense either. According to his Twitter account, Blomkamp may potentially make the first volume of short films free to the public, or perhaps allow a voluntary donation. As per his twitter:

“Maybe with volume 1, it could be entirely free. Which means #oatsstudios YouTube page is where to get. If people like. Hopefully, pay for volume 2. Or go to theaters to see feature adapted from one of the shorter films.”

The series is being made in conjunction with Steam, the rapidly expanding online software company, and will likely see a mixture of free and charged movies. If the project is a success, it could also open the door for more directors to work with Steam to get their work noticed, or could even allow Steam to expand into the full-length movie industry themselves.

Asked by a fan where the odd name for the project came from, Blomkamp responded:

“Ha good question. The whole point of the studio is just to do what we want. No constraints. So an inexplicable name seems fitting.”

Thus far a release date hasn’t been released although judging by the trailer the majority of the filming would seem to have been completed. The exact length of the movie also hasn’t been determined yet, but if the content is as good as the trailer, and given Blomkamp’s reputation in the genre, a full movie at some point would seem likely.

Learn more about reptilian Aliens

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Atheists Are More Intelligent Because They Override Religious Instinct, Study Claims

Atheists Are More Intelligent Because They Override Religious Instinct, Study Claims

A study has revealed a possible explanation for the negative correlation between intelligence and religion. Researchers in the Netherlands and UK are suggesting that perhaps religion is an instinct and being able to overrule religious instincts leads to higher intelligence.

The researchers published a paper in Evolutionary Psychology Science and in it, they suggested an Intelligence-Mismatch Association model. They have argued that religion is an evolved domain, in other words, an instinct.

People Are More Open To Non-Instinctive Possibilities

They said that if religion is a domain that has evolved then it is nothing more than an instinct, and intelligence, when it comes to solving problems rationally, is understood as overcoming instinct and being intellectually curious. Therefore people are open to non-instinctive possibilities according to Edward Dutton, the co-author of the Ulster Institute for Social Research over in the UK.

The ideas of the researchers have been based on the work of Satoshi Kanazawa, the evolutionary psychologist, and the Savanna-IQ Principles. According to this people have not changed all that much from their ancestors which were savanna-roaming, so the argument suggests that psychology has been strongly influenced by how the first people on Earth dealt with the world.

Big Negative Association With Religion And Intelligence

An analysis of 63 studies revealed that there was a huge negative association between people and religion and how intelligent they are and this is a trend. On average atheists are said to have more intelligence than those who follow a religion, it is not an indictment of a single person’s ability. There are some religious people who are very clever and there are some atheists who are not considered to be very intelligent.

Dutton developed the model with Dimitri Van der Linder, co-author, at the Rotterdam University and they looked at the generic link between intelligence and instinct. The focus of their study was on instinct along with stress, as it was said that people are usually more instinctive while being showing less rationality at times that are very taxing. Intelligence and rationality were said to help people to deal with being able to act instinctively during such times.

Stress Makes People Act More On Instinct

Dutton said that if religion is a domain that has evolved, an instinct, then it is going to be heightened when people are stressed and those people are more likely to act instinctively and there has been some clear evidence of this happening. He went on to say that it means that intelligence gives people the opportunity to be able to pause and reason during situations and consider the possible consequences of any actions that may be taken.

In the problem-solving ability of people, this has consequences that are crucial. Skill is said to be important in how we now live in an environment that has changed. The way that people live now had changed dramatically during the past 11,000 years and behavior that is instinctive may at times be counter-productive according to the researchers.

The researchers have called this an evolutionary mismatch, what at one time may have been an advantage for ancestors that used to hunt and gather, may now be bad for people living in today’s world.

This is one debate that will continue on as human psychology does a field that is very complex and takes some understanding, along with lots of research.

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Advanced Mind Reading Technology Is The Source Of Illuminati’s Power

Advanced Mind Reading Technology Is The Source Of Illuminati's Power

Between World War 2 and 2010, it has been quite obvious how the Illuminati have risen to power. Anyone who resists is obviously taken out, whether by ‘accident’ or ruthlessly without precedence, leaving a hole that is quickly covered up by the government.

Mind Reading Technology and how the Illuminati is Using It

Microwave Auditory Effects ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microwave_auditory_effect ) are what the American Army are using on the powerless public to read their minds and cause people to do things that harm them or others, usually against their will. The Government is doing this on the sly, hoping no one will notice.

From what is known The Illuminati has experimented on and sacrificed on thousands, maybe even millions, of people. This is how they have been able to push wars into place to further their agenda.

The most famous and beloved of our country have fallen prey to this malicious entity. Our Presidents, our musicians, actors and even more! People are being assassinated, and the news is not covering it because they are in on it as well.

Any place that is developed say places like New York or Brooklyn, that is wrapped up in the development and has less land but more buildings are more susceptible to microwave radar and mind reading. Urban areas are a bit safer, but never fear, the Illuminati can reach you at any moment!

Our last President cooperated with America and investigated the Illuminati, giving a well-deserved victory to the true American people!

Of course, we all know the TRUTH behind 9/11-The Illuminati decided to test their power and our willpower by sabotaging good American soldiers and getting into the minds of the enemy to attack us at one of our most vulnerable points: two towers shining bright and a symbol of peace to the world.

Please, everyone, help out our former great President Obama and current President Trump in exposing these disgusting individuals and their mind reading attempts! Let us all pray that one day, the Illuminati will fall and America will rise from its ashes!

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Phaethon – The Missing Planet Of Our Solar System: Destroyed By An Ancient Nuclear War?

Phaethon - The Missing Planet Of Our Solar System: Destroyed By An Ancient Nuclear War?

There is a belief that if we study other planets in our solar system, we might be warned of the fate that could befall the earth if we aren’t careful. This could certainly be the case when it comes to Phaethon, the tenth planet in our solar system. Some of you are no doubt thinking wait there are only nine planets in our solar system, and we have never heard of Phaethon. Well, some have heard of Phaethon and have been researching the existence of the planet for years. A scientist has for years studied the asteroid particles that seem to hoover around the area between Mars and Jupiter. These asteroids have scientists and even writers of science fiction wondering if perhaps hundreds of year ago another planet existed in our solar system.

Tenth Planet in Solar System Discovered

The planet which has been named Phaethon has been researched for years, and many believe that this planet could have been highly advanced civilization. So, what happened to Phaethon, why does it no longer exist? Well, many believe that the asteroid belt that surrounds the large expanse of space between Mars and Jupiter is all that remains of Phaethon and that it was lost in a huge blast that caused it to explode literally. There are those who speculate that the blast was so monumental that it could be that of a nuclear explosion. But was the nuclear explosion man made or was it done by the atmosphere itself? Well, this has also been researching, and some scientists believe it was an implosion by the atmosphere itself. There is also a belief that Phaethon got into a battle with it’s closest neighbor Mars which many believe was also habitable at that time. Either way, there could be a cautious lessen for the earth itself since the atmosphere if the earth is now suffering and the earth has much unrest along with nuclear technology.

But despite the research evidence that Phaethon did exist there are those who argue the other side of the coin. There are researchers who dispute that Phaethon ever existed at all, despite the distance between Jupiter and Mars, along with the huge asteroid belt that surrounds this area. According to these researchers believe though that these asteroids aren’t the debris of a planet but the beginnings of new planets that will evolve in the future. It turns out there is an argument for this theory as well, along with proof. So, which theory is true, perhaps none of us will know in our lifetimes. After all, if these asteroids are the beginning of new planets it could take millions of years for these to form and none of us will be around. In the mean time the area around Jupiter and Mars remains a mystery one that scientists, researchers, and authors have pondered, even if they don’t always agree on what this area represents.

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Kim Dotcom threatens to sue Seth Rich’s family for defamation

Kim Dotcom threatens to sue Seth Rich's family for defamation

Kim Dotcom, a popular Internet entrepreneur, is currently embroiled in a row over claims he might have hacked into the e-mail account of the murdered Democratic National Committee (DNC) staffer Seth Rich.

He now has released an open letter to Rich’s family clarifying his points about the ongoing dispute and has shared the letter with IBTimes UK.

Family of Seth Rich

c/- Aaron Rich


Dear Aaron


1. As you know, you and I have previously corresponded after I reached out to you to offer

my assistance with the GoFundMe campaign on behalf of the family of Mr Rich (family).

I understand from our communications that you are representing the family in relation to

the ongoing investigation into Mr Rich’s death and I am writing to you in that capacity.

2. In particular, I am writing regarding recent statements about me that have been reported

globally (including in New Zealand) and attributed to the family. As set out in more detail

below, some of these statements are false and defamatory.

3. The purpose of this letter is to formally request that the family and their representatives

cease from making such statements about me going forward. This request is made in the

spirit of us constructively moving forward and allowing the investigation into the DNC leak

to progress without delay so that there can be an informed decision on whether it had any

involvement in Mr Rich’s death, as many fear.

4. However, if these statements do not cease, it will be necessary for me to take further

action. It is ironic that the family complain of others potentially making statements that

they fear (without actually knowing) will be incorrect and then make incorrect statements

about me themselves.

5. I remain prepared to assist in the investigation, as I have said. While I want to show

understanding to the family in this difficult time, I also maintain that what I have said is true

and will be substantiated upon investigation. While that may be difficult for the family to

accept, in time I expect it to play a valuable part in revealing the truth. However, that is a

matter for the current investigation. I simply wish to make sure that the investigators have

the benefit of my evidence.

6. I have said that I will share what I know, and why, with the relevant authorities if the

appropriate arrangements can be made. That is what I understand from our

communications the family also want. The family, once fully informed, can then make up

their own mind, as will the investigation. However, that will not happen by ignoring the

evidence of witnesses like me who are prepared to speak up, or by seeking to discredit such witnesses by pre-emptively attacking their credibility. I simply ask that the family

listen, before attacking.

The statements

7. The statements in question include:

(a) variations on the statements below reported in the Washington Post article ‘The life

and death of the Seth Rich conspiracy theory’; and

(b) allegations in the letter I understand the family sent to Fox News to the effect that I

have previously used false evidence.

8. Both are without any factual basis, for the reasons set out below.

Washington Post article

9. The Washington Post article states (in part):

When Seth Rich’s Gmail account received an alert this week from Mega.com,

attempting to start a new account on a website created by the New Zealand-based

Internet businessman and convicted hacker Kim Dotcom, his family knew that

something was off.Over seven frenzied days, Dotcom had become a leading purveyor of the theory

that Rich, a staffer at the Democratic National Committee who was shot dead

near his home in Northeast Washington last summer, had supplied DNC

documents to WikiLeaks and was killed as a result. Multiple security analysts and

an FBI investigation have tied the release to hackers with ties to Russia. D.C.

police have said repeatedly that they think Rich was slain in a random robbery


According to experts and Rich’s family, the emailed invitation from

welcome@mega.nz appeared to be an attempt to gain access to Rich’s email.

Joel Rich, who maintains his late son’s Gmail account, did not click the link.

Meanwhile, Dotcom was promising on Twitter to prove that the younger Rich had

been in contact with WikiLeaks — and Fox News host Sean Hannity was telling

his 2.37 million Twitter followers to be ready for a revelation.

The latest revelation — that a hacker from New Zealand may have been trying as

recently as this week to hack into Rich’s email — offered fresh evidence that the

conspiracy theory is false. Dotcom, it seemed, may have been willing to create a

fake archive of emails from Rich to “prove” his role in the DNC hack.

10. The clear inference the reader is invited to draw from the above is that I attempted to

hack Mr Rich’s email account. This is simply not true and is made without any genuine

foundation. As you know, the email correspondence between us can be checked and

contains no such threat.

11. It is alleged that Mr Rich’s email account received a verification email from mega.nz.

That may be so. But that does not mean that any attempt was made to hack his email

account. Literally anyone could have gone to Mega.nz and registered an account there

using Mr Rich’s gmail address, which was publicly known. That would then have

resulted in Mega sending a verification email to that address. If someone had registered

Mr Rich’s email at Dropbox for example, Dropbox would likewise have sent a

confirmation link. That has nothing to do with hacking.

12. If there has been an attempt to hack Mr Rich’s email account, I know nothing of it and

there is no connection to me. There is no credible basis in fact to link me to any attempted

hacking of Mr Rich’s email. If the family genuinely believe they can establish a link, which

I do not accept, then by all means disclose that and I will respond to it and rebut it openly.

I would welcome this. Once the allegation is shown to be without foundation, the focus

could once again return to the DNC leaks and Mr Rich’s death.

13. The suggestion that I am attempting to plant evidence into Mr Rich’s email account

would appear to be an attempt to discredit any evidence I may give before I have a

chance to give it. That those who seek to speak the truth are, as I have been, subjected

to a smear campaign to try to discredit them indicates to me that the truth is known and

not welcome.

Letter to Fox News

14. The family’s letter to Fox News includes the following false statements about me:

(a) “In March, Kim circulated a letter purporting to show a conspiracy against him”.

(b) “New Zealand law enforcement officials investigated the letter thoroughly and

discovered without a shadow of a doubt that the letter was a forgery”.

(c) “[He has] in the past, been caught using fabricated email evidence to forward his

own agenda and confuse people”.

(d) “[He is] known to have pushed false evidence in the past”.

15. These statements are incorrect because:

(a) I did not, in March or at any other time, circulate a letter purporting to show a

conspiracy against me. The alleged “letter” and “fabricated email evidence”

referred to is an alleged email from Kevin Tsujihara (Chief Executive of Warner

Brothers) to Michael Ellis (Asia-Pacific president of the Motion Picture Association

of America) (Email). The Email came to light in 2014. I did not publish, and never

used, this email as, once it was provided to me, I was concerned as to whether it

was reliable.

(b) I did not circulate the Email. Rather, the New Zealand Herald obtained a copy of

the Email and published it. For my part, I have publicly and transparently stated

that the email was easy to discredit because it did not have headers and I declined

to use it for that reason. It is a matter of public record that the Email was not in fact

used or disclosed by me. This is of course the opposite of what the statements in

the family’s letter contend.

16. Accordingly, there is no factual basis for the statements in the letter. To the contrary, the

facts clearly indicate that I was not prepared to, and did not, use evidence that could not

be verified. To suggest otherwise is misleading and defamatory.

A way forward

17. The statements above appear to have been a calculated “pre-emptive strike” on my

reputation and credibility. The sad irony is that, as my conduct since receipt of the family’s

email clearly shows, I was, and remain, prepared to accommodate the family’s wishes.

Indeed, for respecting their wishes and making no further public comment, I have been

subjected to considerable criticism online and in the global media. However, I was

prepared to weather this criticism in the interests of accommodating the family’s concerns.

18. It is unfortunate that matters have come to this as my objective is the same as the family’s

– to see that the truth comes out and justice is done. What appears to have been

overlooked is that the easiest thing for someone in my position to do in this situation would

be to say nothing at all. However, that would not have helped or been right.

19. As should be clear from my conduct, and the emails we exchanged, I do not wish to cause

any distress for the family. But nor can I sit idly by without communicating what I know to

the appropriate authorities. I will, through my legal team, progress the necessary

arrangements with the authorities.

20. As I have repeatedly stated, while this process is ongoing, I do not intend to make further

public comment. However, I now find myself in the invidious position where, out of

deference and respect to the family, I have declined to make further public comment but

now find my reputation and credibility under attack from the family. If I am forced to

respond publicly to these incorrect and unfair allegations, it would have the opposite effect

of what the family has asked me to do and I have sought to accommodate.

21. I therefore request that, in the meantime, the family refrain from repeating the false

statements described in this letter. I have not taken the step of commencing defamation

proceedings in relation to the above statements although I would be entitled to do so in

New Zealand. I reserve all of my rights and remedies in this regard. My preference is that

the family and I move forward together. If, after learning what I have to say through the

appropriate channels (as requested by the family), the family choose not to accept it, that

is a matter for the family. I seek only to pass on what I know so that the truth can be fully

and openly investigated and then reported on. Why that should cause me to be unduly

attacked raises more questions than it answers. My view is that the truth is not something

to be feared.

22. If, however, the statements are repeated, I will have no choice but to consider the formal

legal options available to me. I hope this will not be necessary, hence this correspondence.

23. Please consider this request made in good faith and confirm by return that the family and

its agents will cease from further linking me to the alleged attempted hack of Mr Rich’s

email and other unsupportable allegations ( via ibtimes.co.uk ).

Yours sincerely,

Kim Dotcom

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